Upcoming Sunday Reflection

October 4-5, 2014

Am I Doing Right by My Family?
Virtually every parent wants the best for their keiki, right?
But, what does that mean, what does that look like?
Here’s a secret that should not be a secret:
the pre-eminent sign of God’s presence is peace. “Be not afraid. Peace be with you” is what
Jesus tells us over and over again. When you are at peace and
have no anxiety, you are almost certainly doing right by your family, doing
God’s will.
Look at Paul’s words in today’s 2nd reading (Philipians, Ch. 4, verses6-9). If we keep our eye on whatever is true, honorable, just, pure,
lovely, and/or gracious, then God’s peace will be with us. (Cliff notes
version: whatever is deeply good and loving.)

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The Feast Day’s Events are as Scheduled:
6:30am - Mass
8:00am - Mass (with STS) and light refreshments to follow
6:00pm - Novena to St. Theresa
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7:15pm - Dinner (potluck) at the Rectory